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Woman With Premature Ovarian Failure Opts For Embryo Adoption: Which Embryos To Choose?

Posted On: February 28, 2013 7:30 pm

Question: Dear Dr. Ramirez, I am a 36 year old from Georgia.  I have primary amenorrhea POF (premature ovarian failure). In short always had POF (now called POI) and never had a period on my own.  I guess I have streak ovaries so pregnancy naturally will never be an option.  I can’t afford IVF with donor egg so my last chance is going to be embryo adoption with IVF.  I currently go to an infertility center in Florida.  They checked my cervix and womb and did a test transfer and all looks good.  I was sent home with a list of [...]

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Woman With High FSH & Fibroids Trying To Conceive

Posted On: February 28, 2013 6:00 pm

Question: Hello Dr. Ramirez, I am 37 years old with multiple fibroids. My gynecologist gave me Clomid and asked me to test FSH simultaneously and my result came out  22.9, I did ultrasound today and to his surprise there was an egg. He said that I have 3 factors that hinder pregnancy, age, high FSH and the fibroids, the biggest one is 4 cm.  He suggested considering removing my fibroids. I am worried I dont know what to do. Regards, M. from Jordan Answer: Hello M. from Jordan, Removing a 4 cm fibroid is not indicated unless it is impinging [...]

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Infertility Etiquette

Posted On: February 13, 2013 6:26 pm

There are many, many blogs out there written by courageous women who are trying to put into words the very difficult journey they are on…infertility. This particular blog post on infertility etiquette is so well written I thought I would share it in its entirety. It is by Jessah of  “Dreaming of Dimples” who has been trying to conceive for over four years. She shares some of what she has gleaned from Resolve and some of what she herself feels others need to know when interacting with a friend or relative who is infertile. This is from her April 4, 2012 blog post “Infertility Etiquette”:  If [...]

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