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I Am On Clomid: What Cycle Day Should The IUI Be Done?

Posted On: May 19, 2013 1:47 pm

Dear Doctor, I am on clomid and doing intra uterine insemination. On Cd 5-9, I ovulated. On Cd 18-20 I had an u/s (ultrasound) and cd 13 follies were 8,13,20,20,21. Uterine lining was 6. Will my lining thicken until I ovulate? Should I have an u/s on cd17 instead of cd13? Basically I want to know if cd13 is optimal because typical ovulation is cd14, or is it just the only day to judge? Thank you! J. from N. Dakota Answer: Hello J., The purpose of the ultrasound is to determine (1) if you are responding to that dose of [...]

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