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The Fertility & Gynecology Center– Monterey Bay IVF

Dr. Ramirez and the staff at the Fertility & Gynecology Center/Monterey Bay IVF have had the pleasure of successfully serving patients locally, from out of state and from all over the world. We are committed to the well-being and success of any patient having trouble conceiving, needing advanced gynecologic care, annual check-ups or menopausal treatment.

*Please submit a Contact Form and feel free to call our office with any questions you may have pertaining to insurance coverage and/or pricing of procedures.


Locally: (831) 649-4483

Fax: (831) 649-9010


Free Initial 10-15 Minute Phone or Brief Email Consultation

For a brief intial consultation or a second opinion, The Fertility & Gynecology Center is pleased to extend an offer for a complimentary 10-15 minute phone consultation with Dr. Ramirez. He is also available for brief email consultations (limited to 200 words). Whether over the phone or by email, you will gain an impression of Dr. Ramirez’s approach and gather insight into possible solutions for your particular diagnosis.

See Office Consultation or Skype Consultation for more information on an in-depth one hour consultation.

Make a Payment

Free 15 minute phone consultation or 200 word email consultation. This must be scheduled in advance.

In-depth phone consults must be scheduled. These are generally one hour consults, for second opinions and review of medical records. The cost for this is $300.(there is a discount if paid in full by check or cash). Your credit card information can be taken over the phone or you can make an online payment through Intuit Payment Network.

Email consultations:

Up to 600 words: $150.00

Greater than 600 words (comprehensive review of medical records and history): $300.00


You are welcome to pay by secure Intuit Payment Network. Click on the “Pay by IPN” below to be taken to a secure site to make your payment. 

1. You do not need to subscribe, simply click on “Make a payment without creating an account”.

2. On payment page you do not need an invoice number, simply choose which method of payment, either by e-check or credit card.  (If you have a patient number, you may enter that instead.)

3. The payment will show as “IPN” on your account. After your payment has posted  to our account, you will receive a confirmation and we will contact you with further instructions.