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Fertility Advisor MD

Your Personal Fertility Advisor

Although there are many “fertility coaches” available to help support you emotionally on your journey towards parenthood…they are all lay persons, with little or no knowledge of the medical side of infertility. Being a board-certified, medical doctor in Obstetrics and Gynecology and a specialist in Infertility, I am extremely qualified to guide YOU the patient through the maze of medical decisions that need to be made when you are being evaluated and treated for infertility.

Not only do I have my own practice in Infertility but I have also been a personal consultant for women who have been unable to travel to my facility. Ever since my international blog Women’s Health & Fertility began in 2008, women from around the United States and the world have sought my advice on various aspects of their struggle to conceive. I strongly believe that as a patient, you are in charge of your medical care and you are entitled to know what is happening every step of the way.

Whether you are in Nairobi or in San Francisco, as your exclusive concierge Physician I would offer guidance and advice during your treatment concerning:

  • Your Diagnosis…reviewing your medical records to see if something has been missed or misdiagnosed
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome…my expert opinion
  • Your Medication…types, dosages, what may be needed or not needed
  • Your In Vitro Fertilization Cycle….whether it is your first cycle or your fifth, what to expect and what decisions you will have to make
  • Your Embryo Selection…how to interpret the results your physician gives you and suggestions on how many to transfer
  • Your “failed” cycle…what may have happened, did you have a “chemical pregnancy” and what might be done to make the next one a success
  • All that confusing medical terminology…made clear and understandable